Valentine Wine: Boutique Wineries Add Charm

A romantic trip to Napa Valley for wine tasting on the agenda? Let me guide you away from the crowds and into the smaller boutique wineries that make a Wine Country weekend special. Here are three Concierge of the Valley boutique winery recommendations for you to try this weekend, next weekend, and then of course, give me a call when you’re ready to come back again.

Elyse Winery – This year, 2012, is Elyse Winery’s 25th harvest. In addition to a lovely hospitality experience, you’ll get to try delicious and full flavored red wines: Cabernets, Zinfandels and Pinots. Located off Highway 29 near Yountville, Elyse will schedule a tasting by appointment only.

Napa Valley Boutique Winery Somerston Winery
Napa Valley Boutique Winery Somerston Winery

Chappellet Winery – This winery’s hillside setting provides the views that make a trip to Napa so memorable. In addition, their exquisite wines provide benchmark highlights for any wine tour. Chappellet is located in St. Helena (say “Hell-ee-nah”), and again, reservations are required here.

Somerston Winery — A visit to Somerston, also in St. Helena, will provide an all-terrain vineyard tour that will keep you holding hands. Again, fantastic wines provide plenty of conversation and excitement for visitors, whether the first time or the 12th. Reservations are required.

Remember to call me to arrange a tour over one day or a long weekend. We’ll book dining, events, recommend tasting rooms, drivers, even pet sitting so Buddy doesn’t have to miss out on the love. Happy Valentine’s Day!!