Child Care Help: Midwifes, Doulas, Nannies, Sitters. Oh My!

We’ve got solutions for families with kids of all ages.

Flaky babysitter bail again? Mom can’t make it to help out for the birth? Beyond frustrated with nanny interviews? Worse, after three weeks on the job, it’s clear that housekeeper can’t cook and the kids’ are again eating Little Caesar’s when you come home from work.

Did you know you can call me, and I can provide child care or housekeeping help in a heartbeat?

Finding child care and help with kids and home life is a call away. Whether it’s a helping hand around the house after coming home from the hospital, a regular date-night babysitter, to simple after school supervision and housekeeping, just give me a call and I’ll have an easy solution at hand.

Anticipating childbirth is anxious business, and I’m here to help. Often, families are provided with lists of recommended help, or worse, are left to search online for a suitable caretaker for themselves and their children. I’ve been through this with quite a few clients and friends, and have developed a thorough vetting process that can place the right person in your home, and your child in the right hands.

In some cases, families just need help with housekeeping: grocery shopping, or dinner prep — making sitting down together for conversation and a meal easy and rewarding, rather than stressful. What about cleaning help — daily, weekly, monthly, or just for an event? A quick call can arrange help for any budget.

Today’s moms face pressure from all over, from sending “the right” birth announcements on time, to entertaining family after bringing baby home, keeping big brother or sister happy, to getting back to work (and back in shape to get back to work!). Calling the Concierge can provide that extra hand with little or no further fret — so what are you waiting for??

Call the Concierge: 707.738.5205

Even My Frugal Friends Use a Concierge

Call the Concierge: 707.738.5205
Friends have been calling me for help and advice since forever: 707.738.5205.

Recently, on a fully booked flight in which I was sandwiched between a girl and her mini-poodle at the window, and a six-foot-tall exec on the aisle (well, at least it was the Exit Row), I was asked by the executive about being an independent concierge. The exec said he was familiar with hotel concierges but was still curious, and asked, “So you get tickets to shows and book tours? But how do people know to call you? Doesn’t it get expensive?”

The answer is simple: my first clients were my friends, who called me because I always know what’s going on, what’s open, what’s not; who’s the best at what they do, and who’s right for the job. I’ve always known how to “make it happen,” so my work in hospitality naturally morphed into affordable personal concierge services. In a short time, I had a huge local client base I was hooking up with wide range of trade contacts.

About 70% of my clients are local, and call me for a wide range of services: designated drivers for parties or events, help with finding nannies and sitters, running errands for full-time working moms, booking pet sitters and house sitters, making travel arrangements for vacations, event planning and management, arranging housekeeping and landscaping services, and yes… finding tickets to some of Napa and Sonoma’s best events. I don’t charge exorbitant fees just because I know what’s going on; I simply make it worthwhile to call me to put it all together for you. With client satisfaction comes repeat bookings and my concierge services are diverse and flourishing.

The exec, based out of Houston, is now calling me to help book his Wine Country vacation home, a few Napa and one Sonoma wine tour, personal chef services so they don’t have to cook every meal, and even in-home spa services. He tells me the entire booking is about the same as a hotel, but is providing much more privacy and peace-and-quiet (the reason for the vacation!), and leaving the details to me also provides him with assurance that it’ll be all set on arrival.

I look forward to making a booking for you, whether a one-time event or repeat/subscription services. Just leave the details to me!

The Concierge

Delegate Your Holiday Shopping. Here’s How!

One call can get Holiday Shopping off your to-do list!
One call can get Holiday Shopping off your to-do list!

You want to shop local. You want to select unique gifts. You want your presents to be wrapped with care and flair. You also live in the real world, where online shopping and last-minute gift wrapping are the reality.

Time to call me, and get rid of the stress!

I have many clients, from executives, to corporate clients, to moms with too much on their plate, who call or email me to do their holiday shopping. Imagine handing over your list, including those items that need to be shipped in time. Maybe it’s just the small teacher’s gifts, maybe it’s the hard-to-find items that need to be sourced from eight small shops around the country. Doesn’t matter to me, I’ve got the time and talent to get that done for you, on time and within your budget.

When you think about the time you’ll save running from store to store, or staying up until 3 a.m. Christmas eve wrapping (rather than staying up until 3 a.m. laughing with your family and playing rounds of Hearts), the cost savings becomes clear.

  • Even if you don’t have your gift list finalized, the Concierge team can help with present ideas (found items, not just an idea that needs to be researched!)
  • Ask the Concierge for tactical assistance: wrapping, shipping and maybe even hand delivery of gifts, which adds a nice touch for corporate clients
  • Shipping quality local wines as gifts around the country is a snap with one call to the Concierge. Any Napa or Sonoma Valley wine is at your fingertips.
  • There is still time for Christmas Cards! Get the task done by handing over your Christmas Card list and the Concierge will handle personalizing or calligraphy or even card creation with your images or photo
  • Grocery shopping for the Holiday Event dinner: Christmas Eve Crab or Christmas Day roast with the highest quality meats from local shops delivered with all the fixings to your home!
  • Eliminate any further hassle during this busy Holiday Time by calling the Concierge for any task, big or small, and watch your Holiday To-Do list wither away, and your enjoyment of the Holiday Time exponentially increase!

With Warmest Winter Wishes,
The Concierge
707.738.5205  ♣

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